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Red Chin Music is a labour of love to share my music and the music of my friends. This annual subscription will give you access to all of Red Chin Musics back catalogue and any and all future releases. As well as exclusive subscription only content. It will also help Red Chin Music become a sustainable creative music label.

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*Red Chin Musics eternal Gratitude

Upcoming releases include the No Flowers No Wedding Dress entire back catalogue which will include subscription only content. As well as an album from Salvage Diver.

What you get:

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Red Chin Music
Perth, Australia
Red Chin Music is home to Corlson and the Salvage Diver musical collective. In conjunction with Our studio partners Wrong Sea Music we work to create DIY music and collaborate with others to promote Perth diverse musical culture.
Such as: The Morning Night, Kevin Smith and The Seven Story Jumpers, Sun Tied Down, Jill and Alsy Macdonald and Richard Lane.

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